Why should I consider a 1031 exchange?

Are many oil & gas properties exchangeable assets?

What properties qualify for a 1031 exchange?

What does not work for 1031 exchanges in oil & gas?

How long do I have to own my property before I can exchange it?

Can I purchase my replacement property first?

Yes, this requires that you do a reverse exchange however. This is a much more challenging and expensive approach to completing a 1031 exchange. It “may” be an option provided that you have the ability to structure the reverse exchange according to the safe harbor guidelines. Typically, the Qualified Intermediary will set up an EAT (exchange accommodation titleholder) that will hold title to this replacement property, until the exchangor is able to sell their relinquished property, and at that time the title will pass back to the exchangor.

Do I have to re-invest all of my cash?

How long do I have to complete my exchange?

Why choose Petroleum Strategies for your 1031 exchange?


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